Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss sufferers, before age 30 is a social problem today.  Lovely, shining, thick hair personifies one’s character to a certain extent.  Losing hair prematurely creates lack of self worth in many males leading to antisocial behavior.

Male hair loss has been said to be largely hereditary and can be triggered by stress, viral infection or illness, like cancer.  Many male sufferers are more concerned with how the problem affects their existence than why the problem occurred.

It is very understandable.  After all, one’s self image impacts most aspects of your life socially and professionally and we live in an image-driven culture.

We have a natural tendency to become defensive and overreact to anything which threatens our appearance. Losing hair is an obvious and severe threat to how we perceive ourselves. It causes such insecurity some people may feel they have no choice but to overcompensate for the problem. Unfortunately, they are falling into a trap and making the problem worse.

Male Hormone Imbalance

It is usually women who are thought to suffer more from hormonal imbalance.  However in men, hormone imbalance which creates excess testosterone indirectly increases testosterone derivative, DHT.  Anything which increases testosterone will compound the hair loss.

Male hormone imbalance occur naturally.  Taking better care of your body helps minimize minor imbalance into major problem.  Smoking and drinking prevents the natural production of enzymes which balance and counteract testosterone. Even worse, risky and aggressive behavior forces the brain to signal the creation of more testosterone.

Men who suffered excess testosterone,  lived lifestyles which further promoted more testosterone. A survey revealed  some men admitting to using aggressive behavior to feel more masculine and attractive.

Other men acknowledged it as self-punishment because of their disappointing looks. In every case, a man’s overcompensation for hair loss created an environment for greater hair loss.

In 1997, a scientist followed the lives of over 4300 male hair loss sufferers. The purpose of the study was to examine aspects of their lifestyle which may be causing or accelerating the hair loss.

Findings showed that men with hair loss  were 32% more likely to drink over 5 alcoholic drinks each day.

51% were more likely to smoke cigarettes than men with healthy hair.  In general, these men were 72% more likely to indulge in dangerous habits like driving aggressively and taking physical risks.

More interesting were the indicators of health in these men. They were 25% more likely to suffer a major injury. Even worse, they were 76% more likely to have a heart attack.

Hair Loss Trends

Today’s younger generation tend to veer towards instant gratification where food is concerned, hence the growing trend towards fast food has caused an alarming increase in obesity and other health related problems including early thinning hair.

Current world trend of fast food, fast cars, fast fads, fast money and fast pace of life has caused many people to succumb to depression or stress.

Depression is now one of the major causes of male hair loss due to low self esteem.  Help is at  hand when one makes the effort to change for a healthier lifestyle and can definitely be assured of new hair regrowth.

Regrow Hair Loss

Prescriptions, products, procedures and promises being touted online to regrow male hair loss could possibly be wasting your money.  There is no overnight cure for balding.  No matter what marketing ploys are being used and ridiculous claims made, the simple truth is, you cannot stop baldness and regrow hair overnight.

Regrowth of new hair is very possible but only when you use logical solutions based on science and facts.  Remove the embarrassment you feel from everyone’s stares.  Stop people from thinking about your receding hairline and thinning hair.

As with any endeavor one must have confidence that it is possible to regrow your natural full head of hair as nature intended.  Discipline is the key factor to change.  It is necessary to follow certain diets and routine daily to ensure regrowth of hair is permanent!

Video clip above explains consuming natural foods which effectively stimulate your hair follicles to regrow new hair.  Click the guide below.



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