Hair Loss Natural Remedies

Beautiful healthy hair is actually an extension of your skin and similar to your skin, it is a direct reflection of your internal health.  True hair health begins deep beneath the surface in the hair follicles.  Thick, shining hair tends to be the body’s barometer indicating good health or the lack of it.

If hair loss is caused by illness, it is best to treat the illness to remove the cause of it.  Most people want an instant cure to their thinning hair.  There is no fast track to hair regrowth.  There are many ways to treat hair loss depending on the severity of your condition. The important thing to consider is how much of hair loss is bothering you.

Hair loss treatments abound.   “Most hair loss natural remedies are bunk” according to one dermatologist, and most will try to steer you away from such products that they feel have little to no benefit.  Thousands of hair loss products flood the market each year and sufferers are at a loss as to whether the claims to stop hair loss and regrow hair can be substantiated.

Hair Loss Natural Remedies have been around around for centuries, most have proven to work and are safer with minimal side effects.  Each person’s physiology is different.   Natural treatments for some people will see results faster while others may take longer.

Chinese herbs were used for centuries to treat a number of illnesses and diseases.  Some Chinese herbs have received a distinction for promoting hair growth.  One highly revered, excellent tonic herb Ho Shou Wu tops the list as one of the most recognized hair loss natural remedies. It strengthens thyroid function, is a gentle energy building herb and enhances hair regrowth.

According to traditional Chinese physicians, good circulation is essential for healthy hair.  The first step in treating hair loss naturally, is to improve Qi and blood circulation to the head or scalp, as well as improve the quality of the blood.  Radiant, lustrous hair is indicative of your kidney energy, liver energy, and blood.  Poor blood circulation can result hair loss.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe acupuncture and acupressure – a Chinese form of massage stimulates meridians (or energy points) which encourage blood flow around the hair follicles.  Creams made from Chinese herbs can be applied to the scalp to relieve symptoms of dryness, redness and irritation.

Hair loss is often attributed to hormonal imbalances.  The condition of hair follicles can be impacted by toxicity of the blood.  As our liver and kidneys are important organs of elimination,  it is essential to maintain both these organs to have a healthy head of hair.   Using Chinese herbs like Ho Shou Wu, Siberian ginseng, Dong Quai root, black cohosh root and vitex  will help to balance hormones.

They work gently over a period of months to replenish organs and rebuild stores of vital energy.  Women undergoing menopause, will benefit greatly from these herbs especially where thinning hair and lack of vitality is common.  Asian women have used natural products to maintain their beautiful thick black hair as part of their tradition and culture for centuries.   One of the most prolific and commonly used ingredients is coconut milk.

Coconuts for hair lossCoconut  has a host of ingredients to naturally condition and promote hair growth.  The marvelous coconut contains proteins, essential fats , minerals  potassium and iron. Using it regularly fortify hair against breakages.  Coconut oil also carries the same rich ingredients to strengthen hair right from its roots through the shaft to the tip.  Regular use of this oil to massage the scalp has a protective action against hair loss.

Flowers  have been used not only for decorative purposes but as ingredients for perfume, rituals and healing.  One common flower that grows easily in tropical countries is the Hibiscus.   Revered in India as an auspicious flower, it is used in Hindu religious ceremonies to worship their goddess.   Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine recognizes the Hibiscus as one of the best secrets to beautiful healthy hair.

Red Hibiscus for hair loss, regrowth Hibiscus flower has rejuvenating properties too.  It nourishes hair, delays premature greying, promotes hair growth, stops hair fall and also helps cure dandruff.  Regular use of the flowers can help prevent hair loss too.  Crush a handful of Hibiscus flowers,  mix it with coconut oil or sesame oil to make a paste.  Apply it to your scalp and hair, and wash after 45 minutes with mild shampoo.  Diligent practice will see positive results.


Organic Eggs for hair growthEggs  are easily available and commonly used as face masks in home treatments.  A  rich   source of sulphur, eggs also contain a lot of protein and minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium.  An excellent promoter of hair regrowth when combined with olive oil and applied to hair roots to strengthen and stimulate new hair.

Saw Palmetto  a plant used by native Americans  for centuries as a tonic and cleanser against germs and a cure for urinary tract and reproductive disorders in men is now renown as a natural remedy for stimulating hair growth.  The conversion of testosterone by 5-alpha reductase in the hair follicles has been confirmed to be the leading factor contributing to androgenic alopecia  (male pattern baldness).

Researches found that Saw Palmetto blocks the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) the enzyme responsible for male pattern baldness.  It reduced the incidence of hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.  Although some users of Saw Palmetto had varying results, it does give a glimmer of hope to hair loss sufferers.

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