Stop Hair Loss

There is a dearth of information on the Web to stop hair loss and if you are one of those seeking for a solution, you  could easily drown looking for a cure.  How do you sieve through thousands of opinions, myths, facts, statistics, and other research out there?   You might be so overwhelmed that you would probably give up  searching for the “Miracle Cure” and resigned to having a dismal looking bald head.

For the young men this can be a source of embarrassment when they are starting to go on dates.  They are often made to feel awkward, ashamed or self conscious with women.  They are also the butt of everyone’s jokes, and this could make them feel depressed and withdrawn.

For the older men, you might hear most of them complaining about prostate problems.  What do they all have in common? They are all losing their hair. This is not a coincidence.

Having prostate issues is already a bane.  Losing your hair has already made you feel insecure and less attractive.  Now, your charm is being further eroded by having to make constant trips to the bathroom and sexual dysfunction. This is like adding insult to an injury.

You must be thinking at this moment that losing your hair was the worst thing you have to endure.  You might be right.  However, deep inside your body the same problem making you lose hair is probably shortening your lifespan.

DHT , the hormone causing hair loss, is a concentrated form of testosterone. When your body makes too much testosterone, you are overdosed with  DHT.  While your hair is most sensitive to the effects of testosterone, the rest of your body suffers as well.

Stop Hair Loss Prescription

Preventing hair loss is easier than replacing it once it’s gone. You need to do some research to find the remedy that will work for you, as everyone has a different physiology.   The availability of hair loss remedies promoted online is mind boggling.  You need to be careful.  When in doubt, consult your doctor or a dermatologist.

The current trend to treat male pattern baldness is with prescription.  Minoxidil is an FDA-approved over-the-counter medication you apply to your scalp. Not only does it help slows the rate of hair loss in men but helps some to grow new hair.  The bad news is that once you stop using it, hair loss returns.

The other medication finasteride has to be prescribed.  Finasteride slows hair loss by slowing down the body’s production of DHT.  Some men had new hair growth while using it.  In general, it is considered to work better than minoxidil.  Finasteride is not prescribed for pregnant women since it can cause birth defects in male fetuses. Like minoxidil, it works only as long as it’s used.

Hair Loss Causes

Google search on how to “stop hair loss naturally” and a long list of natural or herbal tonics, creams, and supplements appear.  However, very few of the treatments have been studied in depth, and Paradi Mirmirani, MD a dermatologist doubt if they work.

A handful may pass the test of helping you hold on to your mane if they are starting to disappear to quote Paradi Mirmirani MD.   Most of these products are costly and have little to no benefits according to her.

The most effective treatment for hair loss depends on what caused the hair to fall out in the first place.  A number of reasons pinpoint to men and women losing their hair.

  • Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Poor diet/nutrient deficiencies
  • Prolonged chemical hair styling practices
  • Certain medications
  • Surgery or high fever,

Sometimes the cause is a combination of factors. One person may lose hair due to a mix of stress, a recent surgery or a bout of medications.  In order to diagnose the root cause of your hair loss, you may need to seek the expert opinion of a dermatologist or trichologist.

Diagnosis can include blood work to test for nutrient deficiencies, scalp examination (looking at patterns and shapes of hair loss, possibly a skin biopsy) and gathering medical, lifestyle and family information.

Once you know the cause of hair loss, you can choose targeted treatments that help maintain the hair you do have or regrow new hair.  If a medical condition is causing your hair loss, it may need to be treated.

Stop Hair Loss Naturally

To stop hair loss naturally includes the use of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, natural juices and oils.   Some nutrients from plants, herbs, seeds and nuts, have been proven successful for hair loss

It is a well known fact that anemia can cause hair loss.  However, iron supplements are only recommended if you have been tested positive for iron deficiency anemia.  Iron and zinc help hair follicles to grow.   Eating lean red meat,  rich in both nutrients, twice a week, plus soybeans or lentils, together with a vitamin C-rich food like an orange helps boost iron absorption.

People with metabolic disorders lack zinc and biotin supplements and this causes them to have thin or brittle hair.

Saw palmetto is sometimes touted for hair growth, but there isn’t enough evidence to back that up according to the National Institutes of Health.

Many people don’t have the best of diets  but the key to having strong and healthy growth of hair is to include protein in their diet.  Protein is one of the building blocks of life, helping to promote cell growth and repair.  Protein is important to strengthen hair and promote growth.  The recommended daily amount is about two to three 3-ounce servings of meat like chicken or a combination of four to five servings of dairy and beans.

Hair loss sufferers should  include nuts and seeds, eggs, and fish particularly salmon, in their diets.  All are important sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower inflammation and create a healthier scalp.

Stop Hair Loss Supplements

If you are planning an intake of supplements to help with your hair problems,  consult your doctor.  Your doctor can monitor any possible side effects, including it’s interactions with other drugs you are taking.

Even though supplements do not require a prescription,  there might be something your doctor needs to know about, to be able to advise you on the product.

Though a seal does not guarantee safety, the approval of organizations like U.S. Pharmacopeia and NSF International means that a supplement was manufactured properly, contains what is on the label, and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants.